How Skype change communication


Skype-video-calling service was introduced to the public 10years.In April of 2013, Skype announced that its users are now clocking up more than 2 billion minutes connecting per day. That’s enough time to travel to the moon and back more than 225 times. This is a huge amount for a software. However, what makes Skype become so popular, below are the reasons of its success.


First, for communication, skype decrease the cost for communication oversea. Through the skype, people can connect to each other and chat with them easily .In traditional way, if people want to contact people oversea, the only way is to have a phone call in IDD. With Skype ,the cost of talking with your business partner is only your expense of internet service From the source of Smartone, the expense of IDD is at least hk$2.3 per minutes in a regular hours, however through the internet providers, the expense of internet service can be limited at HK$100 per month. Using the skype, people can communicate not only speaking, but also watching other faces. As a result, Skype become so popular in communicating with business oversea.擷取222


conference_MP07127_webSecondly, Skype become a new medium for discussion. Before the birth of skype, discussion is just held in a real place but not digital. We may discuss the business in the office, coffee shop.It is inconvenient for everyone to go a place for a deal if everyone live in different region. It wastes a lot of time and it is inefficient to process. After the birth of skype, everything change, we can have a discussion in skype. We do not need to group in a place together for an hour discussion. we can just have a video call in skype.



The popularity of skype not only change the communication of friend or parents and also business communication. We can have the face to face conference in Skype. It is also accelerate the process of business.

There is an example in China. There is an online psychotherapy service in china.Snyder,an 76-year-old Psychologist, establish a large following in china using video chatting with their patient. During treatment, they lie on the couch with the screen behind them. After the treatments, she performs analysis over Skype and give back the result to patient without face to face communication .Thus, Skype can help human go on a new trend of business development.


Skype brings people closer, it seems, can also drive them further apart. However, Skype can brings some big impact in communication.


Firstly, Skype is relied on an unstable server. The Skype service relies entirely on some secret peer to peer structure. This structure can cause severe problems up to failure of the entire service. An incident happened in August 2007 when Skype was unavailable to the majority of its users for approximately three days. The official Skype blog blamed the Windows Update Service and Washington Post quotes a Skype executive saying “that the problem was caused by a flaw in Skype’s four-year-old software and that it was unclear why the problem had remained dormant until this week”. Others speculated that Russian hackers might be responsible. The real cause of the outage was never revealed. So skype is not reliable in a business communication.


Secondly, rely too much in skype may not be a good way to make a deal. Skype is not an only method to make a deal. There are more ways such as e-mail,phone call or face to face communication.


Thus, Skype make a new era of communication in business. Skype foster the development of online communication. However, Skype is not the only way to make a deal in a business world. Due to the unstable service of Skype, traditional way should be adopted to confirm the deal.



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